Pavel Mikhailenko

Pavel Mikhailenko

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First Name * Pavel
Last Name * Mikhailenko
Username * MPavel
Country * Russia
Nationality Russian


Availability: Freelance


3d experience 10 years. Started from learning all basics in 3d Max 2, then moved to plug-ins. After about 2 years moved to modeling. Have been modeling in Rhino for about 3 years. Then found out about Alias Studio tools )))) Tried myself there. Now i have 1.5 Studio Tools experience. But not so professional, you know, coz i learned it from tutorials found in the internet. And this is a lil bit far from perfect learning process in schools =) In addition i have good skill in 2d painting (mattepainting) in Photoshop some compositing skill in After Effects (Combustion).

For the last 3 years i work as a freelancer. Made a lot of job for many companies around the world. Last half a year worked in Sweden in PostProduction film Studio (studio work for Volvo mostly) - made some movies for Volvo cars DVDs for car advertising. Now work at home (in Russia) with one germany PostProduction company.

Have skills in
1. 3D Max (texturing, lighting, animation)
2. Rhino and Studio Tools - Nurbs modeling
3. Photoshop - 2d Digital Painting (car sketches, textures, mattepainting)
4. After Effects (Combustion) - Compositing
5. Some aditional small programs concernig 3d and 2d ))

And i`m terribly sorry for my broken English =)))


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